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Our guides and custom workout programming have helped people transform not only their bodies but their lives. These enhancements have lead to stronger relationships, promotions at work, and better life decisions. Check out what our clients have to say about our services below.

Dean S.

I've been using Doug's training guidance for years, primarily with writing up training programs and keeping me informed on dietary needs to maintain my strength while staying lean. I couldn't be more happy with his dedication, his knowledge, and the results.

Jessica P.

I had been exercising under the assumption that cardio was the best method for weight loss, for years. After reading the Back2Basics Exercise Guide, I began incorporating resistance training into my routine and it was a game-changer. Lost 5% bodyfat!

Morgan J.

The way you know that these programs are legitimate is by the way they explain the science behind all of it. It's not skewed to a certain exercise philosophy, it's about understanding (and trying out) what might be best for you. Very informative.

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